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Little Raiders Game in Memory of 9-11

In memory of 9/11,  we dropped off a game ball down at the police headquarters and Chief Schaffer came into vets with his lights and sirens, drove onto the field to about the 40 yard line to deliver the game ball, completed the coin toss, had a moment of silence after Bruce had said a few words about 9/11 and then the national anthem.

It was a very special night and thanks to everyone involved.

Little Raiders Board


Hello Little Raiders!

We hope your players had fun at assessments and excited for the season. I have added the team rosters as an attachment below. We will be setting up the team pages next week and get the schedules updated.

If you have any issues with your equipment, please come to the shed on the practice fields west of the High School at 5:30 PM on Monday. There will also be a short parents meeting with your coach on Monday at 7:30 PM on the practice field. 

Enjoy the season!

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    Hastings Little Raiders Night at Todd Field